This is a collection of my current mixed media work. I paint my interpretations of the natural world. I infuse my work with light sources, bright colors and varied textures to capture its beauty and movement. The Covid pandemic and past few years have given me a new appreciation for the continuity of life, how we try to safely navigate it.

I am inspired by tiny life forms that continue to endure, in beauty and bright color, no matter how much the outside world threatens.

The struggle to go on living as my true colorful self, while at the same time, not wanting to be noticed are a contradiction I struggle with. I feel in these uncertain times, being noticed or thought of as different can be dangerous.

That is why I have chosen tiny, boldly colored frogs and bioluminescent mushrooms as my subjects. These tiny creatures go through life in splendid color while trying not to be noticed by the outside world. As I navigate life with general anxiety disorder and PTSD, I understand this concept. As a woman with some physical challenges, who embraces color, fashion and causes, I want to be my bold bright self, while also remaining at times unseen. It is this idea that has shaped my style of painting and my tiny subject choices.

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