I create art and use it to amplify voices that are often silenced. 

Deborah E is an American artist, educator, and advocate for women's issues. She is has founded a non-profit that helped single mothers navigate the child support system, spoken at the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies conference in Illinois. 

Her mixed  media works, which are inspired by her experiences as a woman and single parent and her navigation of the world in that form, have been shown in galleries from Illinois to Chicago such as The Woman Made Gallery and Las Lagunas.

Fueled by life, I tend to use my artistic voice to focus on my experiences as a citizen, woman and single mother. 

I am a mixed media artist who enjoys bold bright colors, lines, shapes and texture. I have been an artist and designer for over 20 years and am also trained as a metalsmith. Who doesn't like hammering metal!

When not in her studio, Deborah enjoys exploring nature with her dog, cooking Thai and Mediterranean dishes, and supporting social causes.