"Painting is both a passion and an outlet!" 

I paint my interpretations of the natural world. I infuse my work with bright colors and varied textures to capture its beauty and movement. I choose as my subjects those beings that go through life in splendid color while trying not to be noticed. As I navigate life with general anxiety disorder and PTSD, I understand this concept. As a woman with some physical challenges, who embraces color, fashion and causes, I still  want to remain invisible, at times unseen. It is a contradiction that I struggle with. It is these ideas that has shaped my style of painting and my tiny subject choices. 

As I explored these concepts within my art practice, I started painting from intuition, emotion and possibilities combined with images from the natural world.

In my work, you will see bold color palettes, varied textures and mediums, creating strong contrasts in light and dark. I feel that this creates drama and an invitation to look closer. My paintings are created to draw you in and lead your eyes around the canvas, while encouraging you to discover the intricate details in the piece.


I was born in Chicago, and I grew up with artistic and musical influences within my family and from an early age showed a talent for drawing. I started my artistic journey with drawings of animals, pets and portraits. For many years, I was a self-taught artist and I never stopped learning. I devoured every art book I could get my hands on. Along the way, I had two sons, and took a bit of a break as I raised them. I always felt as though something was missing and started teaching art classes to feel fulfilled. 

I was diagnosed with cancer and crippling anxiety in my forties. By that time, I had accumulated many skills such as jewelry design and watercolor work. A negative reaction to a medication during my treatment took away my ability to perform the intricate skills needed for metalsmithing and I sadly had to set that aside. 

When I was pronounced cancer free, I went back to school to get my BFA  as it was always a dream. During my time at university, my work centered on paintings with a landscape theme and oddly enough circles. Now it is more focused on a specific section within a landscape instead of the whole. 

I feel most comfortable and at peace when I am outdoors and surrounded by nature. The sounds and colors bring me intense inner peace, so it is no surprise that it also inspires and fuels my creativity.

My portfolio has steadily expanded...portraits, landscapes, abstracts, jewelry design.

When I am not in my studio, I enjoy long walks with my family & my dog, cooking Thai and Mediterranean dishes, and supporting social causes.  


  • Ava Jerome

    (Maura West)

  • Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper)

  • Laura Collins

    (Genie Francis)

  • Tracy Quartermaine

    (Jane Elliot)

  • Lucy Coe

    (Lynn Herring)


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