Collection: Original Artworks

Wake up your walls with my mixed media works on canvas!

Here you will find a collection of my acrylic, oils, and mixed media works on canvas. They are whimsical, brightly colored and a lot of fun. 

Signed with a certificate of authenticity. 

I Love My Painting!

"I love this painting! It is in my entryway, so it is the first thing my guests see when they come over."

Chris, Downers Grove , IL
  • Gallery wrapped canvas

    isa canvas that is wrapped around the stretcher bars and attached to the back of the wood instead of on the sides. The canvas can be either stapled to the back or splined, (Its edges are rounded and staple-free). Gallery wrapped canvas comes in all profile widths. The biggest advantage of this type of canvas is that there are no visible staples and the artwork can extend all the way

  • Wide Border Canvas

    has a side profile of 1 inch or more. When using this canvas, I tend to paint all of the sides by allowing my front image to carry over to the sides. This is a great option for art lovers who like a clean, contemporary look. This type of canvas does not need to be framed and most of my clients choose not to frame, however, if you like the look of a frame, a floater works best in this situation.

    A floater frame is a contempory frame and can look quite
    impressive. They give the impression that the painting is "floating" inside the frame.

    You can apply these concepts to my canvas art prints as well.
  • Traditional (standard) canvas

    has a side profile of 3/4 of an inch or less and looks best framed. When I use this style of canvas, I tend to not extend the image all the around on all sides as it can be rather thin.