Collection: Not Your Mother's Mugs and more

I put this line together  with the original artwork from my Not Your Mother's  series of powerful women sketches. I know that I have coffee every morning and tea in the evenings, and what a great way to start and end the day!

With a bit of humor, I aim to celebrate those things just about every woman has thought and most of us have said at one time or another. When you disregard the ideals of beauty created by the male gaze (patriarchy), you realize that the majority of women have a beauty or sparkle all their own, and a voice to match.

 I have collected those phrases women say under their breath, in the dark, in our minds or to each other and paired them with my artwork in what I hope will create an "aha" moment for every woman. We should all recognize or identify, because whether we admit it or not, we have all said some of these things one time or another. As a single mother, (with a deadbeat), domestic abuse survivor and a person with a disability, I have said most of these phrases more than once, and am quite prolific in the art of the swear. 

I hope you enjoy experiencing them as much as I enjoy creating them. 

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