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My Process

My current work is very involved. Very technical. With lots of layers, colors, textures and more often than not, changes. I do lots of experimentation and take lots of notes. these pieces take time, but I enjoy every minute.

Each piece starts with an idea inspired by a photograph I have seen or taken. Samples are sketched , the whole piece and closeup portions. canvas is gessoed with a ground color. 

I paint layer upon layer of paint. While experimenting with color combinations, or textures or a mix of both. All the while notes are being written down, because I will forget.

Each painting takes a lot of time and effort. Each one is cared for and brought along to its conclusion with a meticulous attention to detail. I love each one and the process of creating them. 

I just wanted to give you a peek into my process, so you can see for yourself the work that goes into all of my current mixed media pieces. 

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