Collection: Weekender Bags

Lively!  Playful!  Eye-Catching!

Adjectives that perfectly describe the products in this collection, and the fashionista who carries them. Each bag is handmade upon ordering using the latest printing technologies to endure clear crisp images. To maintain a low carbon footprint, everything is done in house: weaving, printing, cutting, sewing and shipping.

​How your bag is made. With the most advanced and rapid print on-demand technologies that are deployed anywhere in the world, your bag is printed through a process called dye sublimation with specially formulated dyes. Your bag is then cut and sewn and shipped directly to you.

How to care for your bag. Before cleaning the bag, remove all the items from inside your bag. Then pretreat visible stains with stain remover. (test for color fastness). Mix warm water with laundry detergent and clean the bag with terry washcloth or soft bristle brush. Let the bag air dry.

At A Glance 100% Spun Polyester. T-bottom with cream sheeting interior lining. One size: 24" x13" (60.9 cm x 33 cm).  Size tolerance (variation) 0.75" (1.9 cm).