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Deborah E Mixed Media

Living On The Edge. 2024

Living On The Edge. 2024

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I will be honest, I follow a lot of photographers on Instagram. especially those that photograph small frogs and for some reason fungi. I find them both to be fascinating and often a subject of my work.

With this painting, I took a real life image and a bit of effect mediums to create a mystical or dreamlike painting.

This painting was inspired by a photograph of a Blue Roundhead Mushroom that had somehow found a way to live on the edge of a rock face. I added some interference and iridescent effects to give this painting a mystical, almost dreamlike appearance. and push the background while enhancing the foreground image.                                                                                                                                                                                          This painting measures 18in x 24in x 1.5in and is on gallery wrapped wide canvas. It is varnished and will be sold unframed. With this painting, there is no need to frame as the work extends around to the sides.

Painting has been photographed in both daylight (natural) light and in the evening to show how the image changes in the light. 

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