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Deborah E Mixed Media

Tiny Life.

Tiny Life.

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Tiny Life, 2023

I love tiny frogs with their bright colors, energy and zest for life. This painting celebrates my love of these amazing creatures and my fascination with them. Bold and brightly colored, the red-eyed tree frog goes about its business without realizing how captivating it is.   I love his expressive and alert eyes. Whenever I pass this painting, it always makes me smile. 

This is great for any tiny frog lover, nature person or for someone that just likes to smile as this painting brightens up the space. 

This is an original mixed media work in acrylic with a bit of texture for dimension.This painting measures 14in x 18in on traditional canvas. It is signed and varnished and being sold unframed.  

Colors might vary slightly as shown depending on monitor. 

Will be shipped in a cardboard shipping box with protective inserts. 

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