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Deborah E Mixed Media

Shambhala. 2021

Shambhala. 2021

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Shambhala is a place of myth and legend. A mystical and magical kingdom that is a place of peace and tranquility. 

The 1,200-year-old Tibetan Buddhist prophecy of 'The Shambhala Warrior',  tells of the rising of regular people who wish to bring about great change and healing through the powers of Compassion and Insight.

It was in my search of inner peace and a mental calmness that inspired this painting. 

The mountains and cloaked in vapor, reflecting both rightside up and unside down. The flower decorated with thousands of small glass beads. The ability to hang this painting in which ever way speaks to you,  gives this this painting an almost transcendent feeling. 

Painted on 18 x 24 traditional canvas. Varnished. 

It will be sold unframed.  

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