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Deborah E Mixed Media

Likeness Characterization Watercolor (or Graphite) Sketch

Likeness Characterization Watercolor (or Graphite) Sketch

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This is your opportunity to get your very own watercolor sketch like those being auctioned at the DAYTIME UNITES to help end ALS fundraiser.

I work in the traditional style of illustration, like E.H. Shepard (winnie the pooh) or Beatrix Potter, by using pencil, pen/ink , and watercolor. All of my sketches start with a concept sketch or 2 or 300, if that is what it takes to capture the energy of the woman, I am looking for.

Once the concept is cemented, I draw a final sketch by hand using graphite. That sketch then gets inked to highlight and protect the graphite lines. After the ink has dried, each sketch gets layers of loosely applied watercolors to capture the energy and essence of my subject. It takes a bit of time, but I really enjoy the process and think the end justifies the means. Each illustration is an artwork on its own, in a unique standout style.

Once the watercolors are dry, each sketch is scanned into the computer for cleanup which includes brightening the image, (the mixed media paper I use is an off white), and adding some vibrancy and/or saturation to the image. I also use this to clean up any noticeable erasure marks.

Each image is then printed on museum quality watercolor paper, which is what I will send to you. I will keep the originals as well as any rights to them. (Feel free to contact me to discuss purchasing original and usage rights). 

***You can choose either the watercolor sketch of the graphite image!***

Each print is done on museum-quality textured watercolor paper. All of the artwork is printed on premium 285gsm paper and comes with a textured matte finish. (Museum grade paper is known to be archival. This means it can be stored for a period of time without turning yellow). Printed with high-quality acid-free archival ink, the printing results are lush in color and stunning in detail reproduction. This creates a look that is as close to the original as I can get. 

***After you place your order, I will reach out and have you send me 3 pictures of the subject to be drawn. I like to get a feeling for the energy of my subject. I will then choose the image that to me best represents that energy. I prefer images that are loose and fun. These sketches will be done in my style and are not intended to be photorealistic portraits.***

I reserve the right to decline an order and do not do nudity, so don't bother. 


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