In The Studio 2024

This is a place where you can find out what I am currently working on. Ask questions, or just stay informed. 

Come back to visit often, as I will try to provide updates as much as possible, along with project progress.

  • Watercolor Sketches

    I work in the traditional style of illustration, like E.H. Shepard (winnie the pooh) or Beatrix Potter, by using pencil, pen/ink , and watercolor. All of my sketches start with a concept sketch or 2 or 300, if that is what it takes to get the image I am looking for. Once the concept is cemented, I draw a final sketch by hand using a graphite pencil. That sketch then gets inked to highlight and protect the graphite lines. After the ink has dried, each sketch gets layers of loosely applied watercolors to capture the energy and essence of my subject. It takes a bit of time, but I really enjoy the process and think the end justifies the means. Each illustration is an artwork on its own, in a unique standout style.

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  • My Mixed Media Process

    My current work is very involved. Very technical. With lots of layers, colors, textures and more often than not, changes. I do lots of experimentation and take lots of notes. these pieces take time, but I enjoy every minute.

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ALS Fundraiser Hosted By Nancy Lee Grahn

I am currently working on a series of 6 watercolor sketches of some of General Hospital's most iconic & dynamic female characters. These sketches will be signed and used in a silent auction to raise money for ALS ONE

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