My watercolor sketches celebrate the beauty and fierceness of women!

I started doing these sketches within the last couple of years as the attacks on women's rights become more prevalent. They are an outlet for me to channel my disgust and feelings of powerlessness by creating powerful women of all shapes and colors. 

Each sketch is an individual in her own right. My goal is to infuse them with power, beauty and strength. Some of these women, I know, some are strangers and some I have created out of a thought, a word or an idea. All are women I admire. Some you might even recognize. Each of the women I have chosen, (and continue to choose) are uniquely and unapologetically herself, and I hope my work mirrors that. 

After hanging with some friends, sharing some ideas, laughs and more than a little bit of wine, we decided to give these "women" a voice. They are saying the things that many women think, but never say, or do say, and then are censored or screamed at for speaking their truth. 

I have found it therapeutic to put this work out there. To say so many things with my work, that are sometimes too, well, just too, to actually say out loud.  I have also really enjoyed talking to all different types of women during this journey to get their take and to relish their joy. 

I hope this work brings joy, and the realization that we, as women don't need anyone's approval or permission to be ourselves.

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    My watercolor sketches celebrate the beauty in all women, along with their fierce senso of humor!

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    This is your opportunity to get your very own watercolor sketch like those being auctioned at the DAYTIME UNITESto help end ALS fundraiser.

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    This line of mugs was the brainchild of a group of women who are funny, eclectic, and

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