Collection: Not Your Mother's Mugs & More featuring the artwork of Deborah E

A collection of fun spirited sketches paired with the things every woman has wanted to say at least once in her life!   You can find both the original artwork and the items these sketches gave birth to!

This work celebrates the female voice and the women who represent it. In all of their different colors, sizes, shapes and experiences. Women make up about half ot the world's population, yet our voices are in increasing danger of being diminished and in some circumstances- silenced. 

This work is the outcome of my exploration and celebration of the women's voice. I find this work important, and quite fun frankly! I am enjoying my conversations with women around the country and I am delighted by their insights and contributions. 

As for our voice, I have collected those phrases women say under their breath, in the dark, in our minds or to each other and paired them with my artwork in what I hope will create an "aha" moment for every woman. We should all recognize or identify, because whether we admit it or not, we have all said some of these things one time or another. As a single mother, (with a deadbeat), domestic abuse survivor and a person with a disability, I have said most of these phrases more than once, and am quite prolific in the art of the swear.