Collection: Not Your Mother's Mugs & More featuring the artwork of Deborah E

A collection of fun spirited sketches paired with the things every woman has wanted to say at least once in her life!   You can find both the original artwork and the items these sketches gave birth to!

This work celebrates the female voice and the women who represent it. In all of their different colors, sizes, shapes and experiences. Women make up about half ot the world's population, yet our voices are in increasing danger of being diminished and in some circumstances- silenced. 

This work is inspired by women who will not  be censored, silenced, told to sit down or stand up, or when to speak or not to speak.  It is inspired by those fierce women who speak up for themselves, for other women, for democracy, for the right to vote, the right to breathe clean air, dress how they want, and be who they want. This work is for every  women  who can decide for herself what it means to be a "lady" while rejecting the centuries old definition of female behaviour put into place by an ancient patriarchy meant to control women and diminish our sparkle. 

I take my inspiration from many strong outspoken women ranging from friends, community members and women in the public arena who are not afraid to be themselves, defend themselves and make no apologies for doing so. While I don't seek to capture or trade on their likeness, I do try to capture their essence and energy and maybe you can figure out who might have inspired certain sketches and paintings. 

This work is the outcome of my exploration and celebration of the women's voice. I find this work important, and quite fun frankly! I am enjoying my conversations with women around the country and I am delighted by their insights and contributions.