Color Is A Voice!

 As I was working on these blogs, I was focusing on the female voice from my perspective, and my experiences. Like most folks though, I was getting sick of the sound of my own voice, the my my my, and became a little stuck.

Then came awards season. I was mindlessly scrolling on my phone as we all tend to do, when I came across an image of Cardi B in the most amazing blue sculptural dress on the 2023 Grammy red carpet. I must say I was blown away.

The intense blue combined with an asymmetrical shoulder detail in contrast against the tone of her skin was a work of art. (If you haven't seen this dress, I would suggest you look it up. She is quite something in it). 


Then I saw Lizzo in a floral cape and corseted gown in the MOST magnificent shade of orange. Talk about making an entrance. The vibrant orange gown just screamed, "look at me, I am alive"! She coordinated everything from her shoes to   her eye makeup and the  flower in her hair.  Wow. She was so vibrant and full of life and not afraid of standing out. 

After seeing those dresses, I started scouring the internet, and talking to friends. I was looking at women's use of color in clothing, and I realized that women of color are knocking it out of the park. In a world that seeks to silence the black woman's voice, these incredible women are using color to be seen and heard. Rihanna stepping out in a mix of hot pink and orange, ( my new favorite combo for summer btw), screams her confidence, success and glamour without saying a word, but the whole world sees her, hears her. 

These women use color like a gladiator uses a sword. They announce their arrival with it. They show their individuality with it. To me, their use of color shows they are not afraid to stand out, and have literally no interest in blending in or being part of the status quo. They are fierce and powerful. I am simply in awe. And totally inspired.

If  I have learned anything by observing these women, it is, "in a sea of monotone naked dresses, be fierce like a blue sculptured sleeve and confident like a bright bold orange azalea. 

Until next time ladies- and remember to be your boldest brightest self!

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